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Time to learn our Skin ABC’s

Time to learn our Skin ABC’s
Have you been taking your skin vitamins?
As Skin Experts, we recommend taking your vitamins at least on your skin through skincare! Vitamin A, B & C ensure regular epidermal function, healthy cell turnover, healthy cell communication and protect from invading and scavenging free radicals both externally and internally. 
Vitamin A
Vitamin A is a master class ingredient and vital for every skin.
Vitamin A is also known as retinol, and works to repairs the skin from the inside out. It will repair damaged DNA and kick starts the cell to optimally function.
Every skin needs Vitamin A to guarantee the cells are carrying out their specific processes of: healthy cell turn over, regulate pigmentation, balance oil flow, support collagen and elastin synthesis.
Vitamin A helps to create healthy, clear, smooth, balanced, glowy skin.
Vitamin B
Vitamin B specifically B3, aka niacinamide, is the hard working vitamin that goes unrecognised.
Niacinamide has an incredible ability to strengthen the skins immunity, stimulate ceramide production to restore the skins barrier, reduce and lighten pigmentation as well as preventing further pigmentation, reduce pore size, and clear bad bacteria.
When your skin is defiencent in Vitamin B3 it will increase the chance of developing acne, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, dehydration and dryness resulting in unhappy skin. However, adding Vitamin B has the ability to put a stop before these conditions start!
Vitamin C
Vitamin C has a history of being known as a non-negotiable vitamin due to its ability to fight off free radical damage caused by UV and naturally occurring oxygen molecules that attack your cells.
Research continues to prove how powerful it protects the cell from UV, by coating the nucleus it acts as a shield to prevent your DNA breaking down. Vitamin C also supports collagen & elastin synthesis, which supports the skin structure, as well as supporting the colour (through blood vessel protection) and tone (prevents pigmentation).
Vitamin C is the breakfast for your skin that comes in many forms.
If you are unsure where to start, do our Online Skin Questionnaire and one of our therapists will get back to you.

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