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  • Educational Facial - 60 mins


    Scan and plan and facial all in one.

    A comprehensive consultation along with a journey beneath your skin using the advanced OBSERV® 5 imaging skin analysis system. These images and the information you have shared with your dermal therapist will start to form your skin story. You will then experience the products on your skin with a mini facial all the while learning more and more. What better way to start your skin journey with your Silk therapist.

    Includes a complimentary check-in scan in 4-6 weeks.

    Purchase any products on the day valued at $120 or more and your educational facial is FREE!

  • Scan & Plan - 45 mins


    You can opt to have the scan and plan on its own. You will go through your consultation and experience the OBSERV® 5 imaging skin analysis system. From here you and your dermal therapist will sit down and make a skin plan that is unique to you.

    Includes a complimentary check-in scan in 4-6 weeks.

    Purchase any products on the day valued at $65 or more and your Scan & Plan is FREE!

  • Skin Scan only


    Just want to see what is happening to your skin underneath? A 10 min appointment to do a quick skin scan is just what you need. Your therapist will be able to send you your images with recomendations

  • Youth Scan and Plan

    FREE (18 years and under)

    It’s hard enough getting through the tween and teenage years as it is, but to have to deal with crazy skin on top of it all is just down-right mean.

    We offer 100% free and no obligation youth scan and plans. These are all about education and teaching our youth how to look after their skin from the inside as well as the outside. We go through food, lifestyle, hormones, general hygiene and more, or not! It really depends on our youth client and how much they themselves want to share and to learn and our dermal therapists know just how to chat with their tween or teen clients. Often just small changes in a diet, or the recommendation of NOT using some products can make all the difference to the beginning of more settled skin without the need of more intrusive medications.

    Includes a check-in scan in 4-6 weeks

What is OBSERV® 5?

The patented technology of the OBSERV® 520 makes it the most advanced visual analysis diagnostic and marketing tool available today.

Using 5 different light sources we are now able to “see through” your skin layers giving you an accurate skin analysis like never before.

Below is a breakdown of the different light sources and how they help us journey through the layers of your skin

“Clinical Evaluation” ​The skin as seen in a controlled natural daylight environment. This is what  you see in the mirror and a great comparison to the follow light source images.

“Show the surface texture” An enhanced view of the skin’s surface texture, excess keratinisation (thicken skin), fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and blackheads.

“Look into the skin” Suppresses surface shine for an unobstructed view of dermal structures, vascular conditions, inflammation and pigmentation

“A modernized classic ”. By adjusting the spectrum the distribution of skin secretions is revealed showing lipid levels and flow, the quality of your oil, blocked pores and porphyrin.

“Fluorescence skin analysis” Skin abnormalities on the skin’s surface or in deeper skin layers’ create distinguishable fluorescence patterns and stand out from surrounding healthy skin. Brilliant for evaluating depth, type and causes of pigmentation.

“Irregularities revealed” The complexion analysis reveals transformations in skin tone, pigmentation irregularities and vascular irritations. A homogeneous complexion is the fundament of beauty.

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